The Liebermann Papers 3 – Fatal Lies

‘Tallis has come up with a particularly ingenious method of murder that leaves no trace .. ‘
Joan Smith, Sunday Times.

‘A clever plot, jokes for those who are interested in the history of psychoanalysis, and a convincing portrait of the imperial city combine in Fatal Lies to provide lively and enjoyable reading.’
Carolyne Larrington, TLS

‘.. a sound tale, told with humour and elegance … an atmospheric evocation of a scintillating Vienna at the height of its artistic, intellectual and medical influence.’
Marcel Berlins, The Times.

‘Aficionados of classical music and architecture are .. in for a treat: this, after all, is fin-de-siecle Vienna and Tallis has a supreme talent for bringing the city to life.’
Lucy Davies, The Telegraph

‘Tallis has an exceptional ability to move seamlessly among varied plot elements, characters and emotions .. If you’re looking for the best in popular fiction, it’s well worth seeking out.’
Patrick Anderson, Washington Post

‘Frank Tallis has surged to the front of the field .. this smart series has far more to offer than decorative charm.’
Marilyn Stasio, New York Times

‘Another immensely satisfying novel in Frank Tallis’ intelligent and subtle Dr. Liebermann/Inspector Reinhardt series … a fine adventure complete with Hungarian assassins, illicit couplings, and a dark wood where Bad Things lurk.’
Anna Mundow, Boston Globe

‘Several late twists lead to a startling resolution of this compelling tale.’
Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

‘What is basically a murder mystery becomes something quite extraordinary as Tallis skilfully weaves in the poltics, history, music, and social customs of turn-of-the-century Vienna. Another outstanding entry in an erudite and mesmerizing series; a must for historical-mystery devotees.’
Booklist, starred review

Vienna, 1903. In St. Florian’s military school, a rambling edifice set high in the hills of the City’s famous woods, a young cadet is found dead – his body lacerated with razor wounds. Once again, Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt calls on his friend – and disciple of Freud – Doctor Max Liebermann, to help him with the investigation. In the closed society of the school, power is everything – and suspicion falls on an elite group of cadets, with a penchant for sadism and dangerous games. When it is discovered that the dead boy was a frequent guest of the deputy headmaster’s attractive young wife – other motives for murder suggest themselves. A tangled web of relationships is uncovered, at the heart of which are St. Florian’s dark secrets, which Liebermann, using new psychoanalytic tools such as dream interpretation and the ink-blot test, begins to probe. At the same time, a shocking revelation makes it impossible for Liebermann to pursue the object of his affections, the Englishwoman Miss Lydgate, and he finds himself romantically involved with the passionate and elemental Trezska Novak – a mysterious Hungarian concert violinist, gifted with uncannily accurate intuitions. Again, all is not what it seems, and Liebermann is drawn into the perilous world of espionage – and must make choices, the outcome of which will threaten the entire stability of the Habsburg Empire.

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