Other books by Frank Tallis

KillingTime_smallKilling Time – A novel

‘A darkly arresting debut from a gifted writer who approaches literature with the precision and coolness of a scientist.’
Daily Telegraph

‘A very tight, thrillerish plot which unravels with the smooth elegance of film noir.’
The Times

‘Like Ian McEwen rewritten by Robert Harris. Very unusual and entertaining.’
Toby Litt 

SensingOthers_smallSensing Others – A novel

‘A thoroughly shocking climax and a twist worthy of Dahl. The drugs, in this case, work very well indeed.’

‘Tallis is excellent at building tension and keeping his readers guessing .. and he has a sure touch for the worlds of mental illness, psychiatric institutions and medication.’
Time Out

‘A quirky thriller of definite cult potential, written with verve.’
Dublin Evening Herald

HowToStopWorrying_smallHow to Stop Worrying – An easy to read self-help manual for people who worry

Cognition_smallObsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Cognitive and Neuropsychological Perspective – An academic textbook dealing with cognitive and biological aspects of OCD

ChangingMinds_smallChanging Minds: The History of Psychotherapy as an Answer to Human Suffering – Crammed with entertaining and informative vignettes, and with many references to theatre, film and literature, this book places the development of psychotherapy in a cultural context

UnderstandingObsessions_smallUnderstanding Obsessions and Compulsions: A Self-help Manual – An easy to read guide to the cognitive behavioural treatment of OCD

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